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#10 - New Years Resolutions: Yea or Nea? I turn it to YOU guys to answer this question!

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Do you believe in New Year's resolutions? This question along with being asked what your resolutions are going to be the basis of the conversations around the water cooler as we're finally getting back into the normal swing of things. And as the holidays and holiday breaks come to a close. So today's episodes gonna be a little bit different guys. I'm going to be asking a bunch of people these two questions, and we're going to see what we discover all this and more on the first episode of The FIT UNITED Podcast for 2020.

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Welcome to the fit united radio and Podcast, where each episode we aim to bring fresh, relevant fitness and health related news content and interviews to help you reach new heights and ultimately, become your best and fit a sounds Alright guys in three, two and one. Let's go.

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All right, Happy New Year, everybody. Thank you for joining me here on The FIT UNITED Podcast. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and that you were able to ring in the new year with all the special people in your life. Now for this episode, I want to do something a little bit different. I was thinking on New Year's Eve actually about who out there believes in New Year's resolutions that I know for myself. I made a new year's resolution a few years ago that changed my life forever. Now was not in the best shape. I was feeling fairly unhealthy. And I knew I had to make a change sooner than later. So I decided to join a fitness challenge. It started right around this time, the beginning of January and it was a 90 day challenge. And the challenge was just to see how much change could make in your body in that short period of time. Obviously, three months, it's not a very long period of time in the big scheme of things. So I thought, well, why the heck not? I mean, really, there's really no better time than now, not only because I knew I had to make some changes in my life, but also because the first three months of the year, there are really no distractions isn't in holidays, birthdays or special occasions, anything like that. So I know Valentine's Days in February, but it's not really a holiday, especially because I was single at the time, so I really had no distractions for me achieving my goals. So nevertheless, three months later, I was 41 pounds lighter, below 10% body fat, and ultimately, the winner of the challenge. Now the one thing I realized that what participating in something like this, is that sometimes having an external motivator such a surprise, really helped motivate me. I think that's one thing you can implement in your life doesn't matter what time of year. You have this goal you want to achieve fitness related or are Otherwise, commit to a specific reward for yourself, once you achieve that goal, that when you have that carrot dangling in front of you, it's amazing things you can achieve just by having that reward or prize for yourself for accomplishing your goal. No one else thinking about this, I was super curious what other people felt about New Year's resolutions. So I decided to take The FIT UNITED Podcast on the road, so to speak. And I interviewed a number of people yesterday to see what their beliefs are around resolutions and goal setting. And so what I discovered was actually really interesting. I want to say thank you to our sponsor for this episode, tr x suspension Training Systems. teawrex, also known as total resistance exercises, is a brand of exercise tools that you'll find in virtually every gym, or fitness facility. The most common of these tr x tools is known as the TR x suspension system. Now there are these yellow and black straps that are either hooked onto the wall, a squat rack Or an S frame, which is a specific anchoring system for the teawrex. These straps use body weight as the resistance, which means you can progress or regress the difficulty as much as you want, all by just using your body weight in relation to the straps and the floor. Now there are literally hundreds of exercises you can do using the suspension straps. And you can get a full body workout in 15 to 20 minutes. They even have an app that you can use to have guided workouts right on your phone. Now as a personal trainer, I obtained my certification in the teawrex suspension system a few years ago, and ever since then, it's been my favorite tool to use with all my clients, both beginner and advanced. Now I particularly love another tool of theirs. It's called the rip trainer. Now, ask any of my clients and they'll tell you they absolutely hate the thing, but they know just how good at really is forgetting that full body workout. The rip trainer is essentially a metal rod attached. aband on one end, you can change the tension of the bands for added resistance. And with this one sided tension, you're able to do unilateral exercises that really help you identify your body's imbalances, so you can improve on them. Now, the teawrex suspension training is a staple in my workouts. And it's even an essential part of many global group training brands like orange theory. The best part of these tools is that they're super portable, and you hook them up to anything, wherever you are. Hey, you're on vacation, you're at the beach, hook it up to a palm tree. You're at a park attached to a fence, top of a soccer net. Even the basketball hoop at home you can hook it up over your door and get that full body workout in the comfort of your own home. Now I could talk about the benefits of these tools forever. But if you want one of these tools for yourself until January 14, you can get $30 off all trainers on the teawrex website. free shipping on orders over 99 bucks. Now there's no code required, you just have to use the link that I'll put for you guys in the show notes. Now full disclosure, I am an affiliate of teawrex. So what that means is if you buy something from tr x using the link, I do get compensated a little bit for it. Now the good thing is, it doesn't cost you any more for doing this. And at the same time you're supporting The FIT UNITED Podcast. So remember guys 30 bucks off any trainer and free shipping over 99 bucks using the link in the show notes. Now you only have till January 14 to get your own trainer. So I very highly recommend that you guys jump on this deal. So as many of you know, I am a coach at Orange theory fitness and I wanted to see what some of the staff and members thought about setting new year's resolutions and goals. So here it is guys, my interviews with a lovely people at my studio. Okay guys, I'm at orangetheory fitness South Surrey where I coach and I got a call in Thompson here. He's a studio manager and going to ask the very important question, first of all, do you believe in New Year's resolutions? Yes, I do. Okay, we got a believer. Okay. I think you're in the minority. So because you do, what are your newsroom, New Year's resolutions for the year. My New Year's resolutions would be to trim up my diet a little bit. I do a little bit too much late night snacking. And it's one of the things that I preach about so I'm going to try and practice it as well. Beauty. All right, it's about the food intake. Is there anything else any other resolutions you got?

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Not at the moment, but also believe that they don't have to be all made on New Year's Day, you can kind of keep it going as you go throughout the year, as long as you stick to something and commit to it.

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I love it. It doesn't have to be on day one. All right. I love it. Thank you calling.

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You got it.

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Alright, so I've got john here and same question. Do you believe in New Year's resolutions?

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Yeah, I think I think they're pretty good idea if the wants and desires there. I think They can people can succeed, but trust be a good enough reason to do it. And then I think, you know, if the reason is good enough and the willpower is there, but sometimes willpower clones in increments, you're not going to go from zero to 100 miles per hour and it takes time.

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Right now I agree. I agree. Now, would you say Do you have any for yourself for this year? Ah,

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yeah. Tighten up my dieting, I suppose. You know, it's everybody knows that, I suppose everybody January 1, probably as the same one. But no, definitely tighten up the junk food, drop the wine and bear a little bit more and eat a little bit better, more wholesome foods.

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I think we got it. We got away with it for holidays. Now we can tone it down a little bit, right.

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Alright, thanks, john.

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Okay, so I've got Nancy now and I'm going to be asking her exactly the same thing. Do you believe in New Year's resolutions?

Unknown Speaker 8:56

I believe it's a way to start setting goals for yourself as well. You make it achievable.

Unknown Speaker 9:02

Now would you say you have some of yourself?

Unknown Speaker 9:04

Yes, I have said that I will start walking again first thing in the morning until the end of January.

Unknown Speaker 9:11

Perfect. And then what happens it then in January,

Unknown Speaker 9:12

hopefully then it's a habit.

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I love it. So 30 days to get that habit and Do you have anything that's outside? That's not fitness related or health related. That's the resolution. No resolutions. All right, perfect. Thank you, Nancy. Alright, so I got to cash in on one of our sales associates in the studio. And kashia Do you believe in New Year's resolutions?

Unknown Speaker 9:34

Yeah. No, I don't

Unknown Speaker 9:36

really okay. Well, why not? Share with us? Why not?

Unknown Speaker 9:40

I think that you should be making resolutions all the time. I don't think it should be confined just to one period of the year.

Unknown Speaker 9:47

So because it's not just for New Year's. I think haulin agrees with you. Would You Do you have any resolutions that you already had even before the new year? I do.

Unknown Speaker 9:56

It was some silly ones. I'm trying to do a little bit of yoga everyday, whether it's five minutes, 20 minutes or a full class.

Unknown Speaker 10:04

Well, like it's kind of like your weird meditation, right? Yeah, exactly. All right, any other ones that are not kind of health related. Anything else that you have? That's a resolution

Unknown Speaker 10:14

playing the piano. I just started to learn to play the piano in October. So I'm trying to set a goal for the entire calendar year to practice about two times a week for 40 minutes.

Unknown Speaker 10:25

That's amazing. Okay, so I know you already speak like multiple languages, but pianos a whole nother language, then are you going to be speaking so? Do you have like a song in mind that you want to be able to play?

Unknown Speaker 10:36

I don't not just one in particular, I think I've started to learn. I love queens. I started to learn Bohemian Rhapsody. So that's the main Yeah, that's me.

Unknown Speaker 10:44

Love it. Okay. Well let us know when you can play it and I want to hear

Unknown Speaker 10:47

sounds good. I will, you know,

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thanks, guys. Okay, so I got Sean now one of the members here at Orange theory and again asking, Do you believe in New Year's resolutions or not?

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Well, I know You want it yes or no answer. But for me, it really depends.

Unknown Speaker 11:03

I like to It depends, because there's more to it than that, right?

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I believe in everything in moderation. So, New Year's resolutions depending on what they are, can set yourself up for failure as well as as much as you can for success. So I try and find things in life that I can alter slightly, that will position myself more successfully than saying, I'm going to eliminate this exclusively, or I'm going to go seven days a week to the gym. Because the first time I miss I've now made it unsuccessful, and you're just going to fall off the wagon.

Unknown Speaker 11:37

So sometimes going too big too quick is going to set you up for failure rather than success.

Unknown Speaker 11:41

Absolutely. Yeah. So that's just my motto is everything in moderation. tweaks changes. Good.

Unknown Speaker 11:46

So what So what, what kind of little tweak would you have in your life right now?

Unknown Speaker 11:50

Well, for me, it's going to be for 2020. We're gonna try and do a little bit more physical activity and then just run Do some of the kind of bad in battens for for foods.

Unknown Speaker 12:04

And I think that's most people is the food challenge is that trying to cut that down or just be a little bit smarter about it? So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 12:10

yeah, absolutely. And it's always the biggest thing because seanie open your fridge and you're, you feel like if you haven't set yourself up good there then it's just easy to whatever is easy to grab, right?

Unknown Speaker 12:20

Yes. Anything else wrong? No, that's good. Yeah, thank you, Sean. Okay, I got Travis here with me. So the question is, do you believe in news resolutions or not? Yes, I do. Okay, so if you do what are the Do you have any? I didn't make any this year but if I was to make one right now it would be to lose 10 pounds by June. That is amazing. Okay, so how many pounds Have you lost now since you started here, and I've lost six since August. And I gained two back over Christmas. Honestly, I love it. Maybe three but my goal is to be down to two to two to five buyers June okay. See there's a timeline. It's a SMART goal. He knows when he's going to get it sooner. Any any other resolutions? No. Perfect. Thank you, Travis. All right, we got Mike here now same question to you, man. Do you believe in New Year's resolutions or not?

Unknown Speaker 13:15

I believe in New Year's resolutions. Yes, I do.

Unknown Speaker 13:17

Okay, so does that mean that you have one? I've inspired myself to run a 10 k this year. And I'm going to do that by by the end of the summer

Unknown Speaker 13:25

and hopefully I can be even more comfortable running further distance. Love at 10 K, do you have one in mind a specific event or

Unknown Speaker 13:33

there's a run for water out in Abbotsford that I've been asked to participate in and Coursers the sun run, but I think I'll just start locally here and see see how I go 10 K, man, I'm counting on it. Perfect. Thanks, Mike. Okay, we got Michael now, same question to you. Do you believe in news resolutions or not? Apparently they work for some people, but they're not for me. I have to get stubborn and then something changes and that doesn't just happen to New Year's Now, given the progress that you've made, since you've joined orange theory, how is it that you managed to make all that progress without unnecessary of the resolution, but I'm assuming you set a goal for yourself? Well, that first class which you ran, by the way, was so difficult, because I was so fat and out of shape that I just got stubborn and disgusted with myself and decided not to quit. There in itself is a motivator, the state that you're in and your first class. It certainly was. Yeah, it was embarrassing. And I appreciate your honesty, because sometimes those are the things that push us over the edge and make changes in our lives. Yeah. Well, it worked for me. Bless. You are good coach. So I appreciate that Michael. And now obviously, you made all the progress. So that's awesome to see. My pleasure. Thanks, Ben. Okay, so I got guy now here and my question for him is just the same as everyone else. Do you believe in New Year's resolutions? Yes or no? I do believe in a speaking of time of year and New Year's is a good time because it's just natural. As a refocus, but you've got to think longer term than that. And I think that resolution should be made anytime my resolution recently was to drink more water, which is a simple one. And just finding ways and to take that data, sit back and plan and figure out how you can best execute that resolution as opposed to just blindly going I'm going to do this and then not putting any effort into it and thinking it's gonna happen. So I love it. I think the water thing, the hydration thing is huge. And the fact is, you planned it as well, you got like a, an execution plan around even just a simple resolution. So some of my plans, every time I go to the washroom, I have to drink a glass of water. And it's a nice cyclical way of doing that. So it's kind of like you, you, you piss it out, but then you get to replenish it back. Just a reminder for me to stick with it. So I've been listening to a book by James clear called atomic habits, which is excellent about a whole bunch of techniques to change habits because it can be so tricky, but that's one of them, man. I love it. All right, and he got he's got a resource to the other one that I like is a high performance habits by Brendon Burchard. And if you've heard about, you know, familiar with a guy up there Thank you got any other resolutions that you got, besides the hydration? Working on my posture? Stand up straight feeling confident. Love and I think that's huge too long because we're getting older too. There we go, guys. All right, thanks, guys. Okay, we got Nikki, now Nikki's gonna be a future guest on podcast, but we've got her here just after class. Question you Do you believe in New Year's resolutions

Unknown Speaker 16:23

for myself not so much. I believe more in setting goals more around racing and whether it's marathons or half marathons or Iron Man. So that always keeps me focused, but I do it year round. I think resolutions are good to get people started. So if that gets people either being more generous in life or thinking about different ways to improve their life or other people's lives, I think that's always a good thing. But I think it's something you have to revisit and and switch up so that you feel successful because it shouldn't ever feel like a failure.

Unknown Speaker 16:52

I love that actually. And I like that you said that it's not just have to and that's a good time of year but it's not tied down to that one time of year and 14 ticular so for you, then what would those goals be at least for the next, you know, few months or leading up for the next year?

Unknown Speaker 17:06

Well, I already started trading for my next race. But that was in the works before the New Year anyway, so I always tried to have a race before I finish another race just so you don't get that post race blues. So you have something else to look forward to and train towards and, and keeps you sort of fit and energized and interested.

Unknown Speaker 17:26

I love that because it's not tied to the time of the year like you have after you finish an event. You set another goal for another event, and that's kind of your timeline. It's not the calendar year.

Unknown Speaker 17:35

Yeah, exactly. It doesn't have to be a bigger race or a harder race. It just, you know, it could be for fun or a charity run. Just something to keep you interested in going and energize. Really.

Unknown Speaker 17:45

I love it. Okay, thank you, Nikki.

Unknown Speaker 17:49

Okay, I've got Stefania and Deanna. Yes, you're here now we're on it. Okay. So, the question goes to you guys, do you believe in New Year's resolutions. So now No, I like it. Okay, simple answer No. But why is it that you don't believe in New Year's resolutions?

Unknown Speaker 18:05

I think real resolutions, you end up by the second week of January, just letting them go. But if you have goals, which means you have a plan to accomplish the things you want to accomplish, you actually take steps to accomplish it throughout the year. So I think you're more likely to accomplish that, than to just say, Oh, I think I'm going to give up sugar and then two weeks and you don't do that.

Unknown Speaker 18:24

So it's just like you you put that statement out there really just dissatisfied, the need to be it, perhaps have a resolution, but really no steps to actually accomplish it. Right.

Unknown Speaker 18:31

Right. There's no steps to support what you ultimately want to do. And so it doesn't end up coming to fruition. But if you have the plan, that it's not a resolution, it's a goal and you end up achieving it.

Unknown Speaker 18:41

So would you say then you have goals for this year over the next few months leading up to Yes, for 2020? I do. Yeah. k would you are you willing to share at least one?

Unknown Speaker 18:51

Well, it's complicated, but essentially they focus around continued wellness, ensuring that I put my health before my work, ensuring that I stick to a healthy workout and eating regime.

Unknown Speaker 19:01

Perfect now see that's it. That's a very thought out smart. Go. Appreciate it. Thank you Okay, Deanna, you're up, you're ready. Alright, so same thing to you. Do you believe in New Year's resolutions? Absolutely. Alright, so we got a yes, we got a yay or nay. So why is that you believe in a new year's resolution?

Unknown Speaker 19:15

I think because after Christmas, we all kind of get lazy that lag time between Christmas and New Year's and it's a good time to kind of refocus and set goals. I think we all kind of need to take time throughout the year to set goals and it can be sort of whatever time you want. But I always think that it's just sort of a good time to reflect back on what you accomplished the year before and then look forward at what you're hoping to achieve

Unknown Speaker 19:38

the coming year. So you know, I know you just accomplished you just finished your masters, right? I did. Yes. So that's a big milestone. So now that you've finished that any other academic perhaps goals that you have?

Unknown Speaker 19:48

Yes, I just started the real estate course.

Unknown Speaker 19:50

I think I saw that as well. That's well so that's the ultimate goal. Once you finished real estate course you want to get into real estate as an agent.

Unknown Speaker 19:57

I've already started working for developers, so I'm, I might bring a sales team in house eventually, but I won't be an agent myself.

Unknown Speaker 20:05

Well, congratulations and good luck. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 20:09

Alright, so I got Alyssa here with me asking you the same question. I've asked a lot of members now. So what do you believe in New Year's resolutions? Or Yes or No?

Unknown Speaker 20:18

Okay, listen, it's more than a yes or no question for me. Okay. Here's the thing, I believe in resolutions. But I don't believe in a new year's resolution. And I'll tell you why. Because I think that goal setting is important throughout the year. And if we only set it for the new year, that's telling yourself that you can only make resolutions once a year. Even if you do goal setting. I just don't like the fact of a new year's resolution. Why can't you make a resolution every week, every month? Or attainable goals, how you're going to get to those goals? Make a plan, hold yourself accountable.

Unknown Speaker 20:47

No, I love it. I love it. I think that's kind of the ongoing theme is that resolutions are it kind of pigeonholes you into having just a one time of year where you have these goals whereas you're saying you can set them all throughout the year and call them whatever you want resolutions goals. What Right

Unknown Speaker 21:00

exactly and I do make new year's resolutions and they do hit different I that I do believe in that. But yeah, I believe in all year all day all our

Unknown Speaker 21:08

goals. Okay, so can you tell me maybe one or two of those goals? What are you?

Unknown Speaker 21:13

Okay one of them? I'm doing it right now. I stuck on nicotine mints. Okay, that is my new year's resolution is to stop the nicotine meds. I don't even smoke my second one. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 21:24

one is to continue working out.

Unknown Speaker 21:26

Love it and so more so than you are now is what you're saying?

Unknown Speaker 21:29

Well, okay, right now I'm doing my best. Twice a week at orangetheory I don't know if I can say that but orangetheory Yes, you can. And then every single day I want to be doing something something active.

Unknown Speaker 21:39

Love it. Okay, so we got some goals and unless there's gonna be a future I guest on this podcast in a couple of weeks. So tune in for that.

Unknown Speaker 21:47

You guys gonna be sick of me by then.

Unknown Speaker 21:48

Thanks. Okay, I got a neat with me now and I've been asking everybody. Do you believe in New Year's resolutions? How are you Do you believe in New Year's resolutions?

Unknown Speaker 21:57

I don't I did for a while and I think found that I was constantly just setting myself up for failure. So I stopped making new year's resolutions completely. And I just started to set up goals for myself. And they could be health focused, or they could be like mental health focused or like other career wise, but I stopped making next I was just setting myself up for failure.

Unknown Speaker 22:20

And that totally makes sense, because I think that's the ongoing theme that I'm hearing is that we're setting goals rather than New Year's resolutions. So you're not tied down to a specific time of the year to make these goals, right.

Unknown Speaker 22:29

Yeah, I was. I found myself that I if I didn't, you know, lose a certain amount of weight or I wasn't getting to you know, a certain fitness goal being able to run a certain amount or by a certain time then I felt that I got deflated so that I needed to change my, my approach and it was more thinking about it as a lifestyle and something that I wanted to continually do. I think there was recommitting each year so that was that from that perspective was looking at Okay, where do I want to go and and do I want to stay committed Did to this or do I want to make a change and it was better for my mental health? To be honest,

Unknown Speaker 23:04

I think that's actually a really good point that you make because when you make a more sustainable realistic perhaps goal, you don't set yourself up for failure and then it doesn't mess with you on the mental, you know, psychological side of things. And I know you set a goal last year and I tried to help you a little bit with the the meal plans. How's that going? Are you still kind of following up with that and still kind of continuing a little bit?

Unknown Speaker 23:24

I totally am. I had to, like with any meal plan, I had to adopt it to my lifestyle and the way that I was feeling there was a I've been working through a lot of like food allergies, a lot of fatigue. So I had to, you know, tweak to make it work for me, but it was more about what came up for me was more of the emotional side of it, the emotional eating and Rose during when I was stressed out so it was really good to actually stick to something to have some consistency and realize that you know, there were some triggers in there for me that were coming up from from a stress perspective and it was nice to be able to Continue with that meal plan I still am. I'm just adapting it to my own

Unknown Speaker 24:05

person. And I think that's awesome that you see that because now you had this type of this thing that, you know, I almost like a guideline, I was able to identify certain triggers, like you were saying, and you were able to progress from it, right?

Unknown Speaker 24:16

Totally. It was very much, it was an eye opening for me, because it was like, this is how much I actually have to eat to you to change your perspective. It's actually you got to eat more sometimes to be able to be healthy, right? So changing that script to be health focus is so important.

Unknown Speaker 24:34

I love it. Okay, so can you share with us maybe one or two goals that you have not not resolutions, but goals you have kind of in the next few months for next year perhaps?

Unknown Speaker 24:42

Okay, so my first goal that I set for myself for this year, I'm gonna sign up for a 10 K. I've done a half marathon for but I fell out of my trading so I'm wanting to do a 10 K and I want to do it under a man. Do it under it. Damn, that's fast. Yeah, under an hour. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 25:00

Yeah, I think I that was my goal before with the sun run so 10 k under an hour is freaking awesome. Okay, well the other goal

Unknown Speaker 25:06

I think for me I trying to with my work and I'm in school right now as well so I'm trying to incorporate meditation every morning because I'm trying I find that when I balanced myself and ground myself in the morning it really sets my day up right and it's helping with the stress so much

Unknown Speaker 25:25

that's amazing you know that's something that I think I lack is the meditation starting the day off right it's huge. I read Robin Sharma I don't know if you know Robin Sharma and whatever and it always talking about how to set your day up right from the beginning. And then that way you kind of set yourself up for success, right? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 25:38

yeah. But it's, it's been so helpful for me in terms of my mental health, emotional health, spiritual health as well. So it's, it's been great.

Unknown Speaker 25:46

I love it. Thanks, honey.

Unknown Speaker 25:48

Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 25:50

Okay, I've got Fiona and Craig here with me. So I'm going to be asking you guys the same questions as I did with the others. Do you believe in New Year's resolutions yes or no, Fiona,

Unknown Speaker 25:58

I do not. And I Because I believe you can make a change anytime of the year, I don't think you have to wait for specific day. And I think that sometimes when people wait for a specific day, they end up being disappointed, because they set themselves up for too much change at once. Perfect. I know, I was just gonna say they don't take it slow. You got time?

Unknown Speaker 26:17

Yeah. And I totally agree. I think he is you set yourself up for failure, because you're taking on too much too quick. Greg, what do you think

Unknown Speaker 26:23

of a similar opinion? Actually, I believe that if you want to do it anytime of the year, you can do it anytime of the year maybe actually choose like February when all the Christmas and New Year things died down and then maybe set something in February, I think is a good thing as well in the past.

Unknown Speaker 26:37

Right. I love that, actually. And I think you mentioned something earlier about the difference in generations and how we approach things. What do you think about that?

Unknown Speaker 26:43

I think that through my work, I employ a lot of younger people than myself. And it's interesting when you have that conversation with people that are from a different generation. I think that maybe it was in generations past like parents and grandparents always believed very strongly. New Year's resolutions and maybe I think, younger generations coming through certainly I don't see their passion and desire to maybe have them as much as maybe older generations wants to.

Unknown Speaker 27:09

So that's really interesting, actually. So would you guys say that you don't necessarily believe in setting a new year's resolution? Do you have kind of goals that you got coming up for the next that you want to achieve in the next little while?

Unknown Speaker 27:19

I think I always set goals, but I look more to the future than the past. So instead of setting a specific date, and having to be specific on that, my goal really is to get stronger. And I know that I'm not going to be able to do that in two months, three months, even six months, I'll see small changes but to actually physically get stronger to where I want to be. It's going to be a long process. And if I try to remake that every year, I'm gonna be disappointed.

Unknown Speaker 27:43

So it's almost like micro goals. He kind of progress slowly. Absolutely. Yeah. Love it. Okay, Greg, what do you got, for me any any goals,

Unknown Speaker 27:50

goals, just trying to maintain a level level of health and be in good shape for my children, making sure that you know, you can run as fast as them and be as sharp as them That would be nice. But uh, yeah, just keep keep up with the fitness and just trying to, you know, stay in good health. Yeah. Love it. Thank you guys.

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Thank you. Thank you. Okay guys, there are my interviews with some of the members and staff at Orange theory. My studio sounds a lot like the takeaways from those conversations are that goal setting is the most important thing. And it doesn't really matter what time of year as long as you're setting goals. But on top of that, you're setting goals with one intention, but with a plan around those goals so that you can accomplish them, I think to blindly set a resolution or goal out there and just putting it out into the world. It's great, but when you don't have a plan to execute, that's what it's setting us up for failure and not being able to achieve those goals. So that's what I learned from these guys. I agree 100%. For me, a lot of my goals this year are career related. Obviously goal is to grow The FIT UNITED Podcast. I love communicating with you guys, as you know, and I want to grow this audience, I want to grow this platform and be able to connect with you guys on a deeper level. So that's one of my goals, career goals. As a coach, as a personal trainer, I want to continue building that business. And really at the end of the day, when I have these conversations with my wife, Misha, and other people close to me, I these goals are centered around my family. Now obviously, we've got little one, and that is what's driving my decisions these days. Obviously, when I was single was very different. My focus was different. It was all about me. Now, the things that I'm doing for myself literally are benefiting my family as well. So those are my goals for 2020. Okay, guys, this is my fun way of reaching you. All right, it doesn't require you to be sitting at home, scrolling on your phone up and down mindlessly. You can listen on the go, whether you're commuting during your workout, having a bath, whatever. I love communicating and being able to talk and listen to you guys. That's what's gets me fired up every day. So with that in mind, if you have any topic suggestions for the podcast, have any questions or comments, send me a voice message on the anchor app. Send me a message on Facebook forward slash fit united on Instagram Kevin green dot fitness or at fit united, of course on our website fit united calm. And lastly, don't forget to subscribe guys on your favorite podcast app. Okay, Kevin, you're signing out. I will see you guys on the next one. Hope you enjoyed it. Cheers.

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